Pot magnets


Magnetic lenses are characterized by a specific magnetic circuit arrangement, providing thus maximum magnetic force utilization. Their application range includes metalworking plants and/or mechanical engineering plants, in combination with various preparations, tools and devices.

More about magnetic lenses

Since 2006, we have been selling the magnets online in the British market

In our e-shop you can buy more than 85 various shapes and sizes of the magnetic lenses.
In our stock we have more than 20,000 magnetic lens pieces.
By clicking on a lens picture, magnetic lens offer of a given shape is displayed.

Pot magnets parameters


We offer various shapes and sizes. High temperature resistance 80 - 450 °C.


Steel coat significantly increases a gripping force of a magnet used in the magnetic lens.

Various utilization

Choose your magnetic lenses with a ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo or AlNiCo magnets.


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